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Spasoje Jović
Sounds from the Miroč Mountain

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Spasoje Jović - Sounds from the Miroč Mountain

Spasoje Jović was born in 1942 in the village of Miroč on Miroč Mountain. He started playing frula as a small child learning from his grandfather and his father who were accomplished players of long frula (called duduk). The first instrument on which he learned the well known local folk song and dances belonged to his grandfather Ilija.Spasoje’s first public appearance playing frula was in 1956 at the age of 14 on a Negotin regional school competition. From 1974 he is actively involved in KUD Miroč (local culture and art society). In 1975 on “Homoljski Motivi” festival he won Best Frula Player Award and the following year on the same festival won Overall Best Instrumentalist Award. He played countless times at almost all music and folklore events in Serbia: “Mokranjčevi dani”, “Homoljski Motivi”, Serbian festival of folklore in Leskovac, “Crnorečje u pesmi i igri”, “Krajinski običaji”, “Ranovački dani”, BEMUS, “Sabor u Topoli” and many others.He appeared a number of times on national TV. In 1976 during the tour of Belgium, he also recorded eight tracks for the Belgium Radio. The same year he played on BEMUS (Belgrade Music Festival) and in Romania with KUD Majdanpek (art and cultural society from Majdanpek). In 1979 with folklore groups from Bor and Majdanpek he toured France and made a number of recordings for French production of ethno music. He also played a number of festivals and concerts in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. In 2000 and 2002 on Frula Festivals he was again awarded Golden Frula Award.This 18-track CD is a brilliant collection of his latest work.