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Bakija Bakić Orchestra
led by Ekrem Mamutović

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Wellspring release
available now.

Bakija Bakić Orchestra led by Ekrem Mamutović 

Born into a family of musicians and with the legendary trumpet player Bakija Bakić as his great-grandfather, Ekrem Mamutović went to music school in his home town of Vranje where his talents were immediately recognised and he began performing with local well-known musicians from the age of 11.In 1966, at 14, he appeared in the Guča Brass Festival, and competed for the first time in 2002 in Surdulica, where he won the prestigious “Best Trumpet”. In the same year he performed "Gora ječi" and ‘Vranjanski "Čoček" at the Guča Festival‘ and received the "Best Performance Award". In 2007 in Surdulica, he led his band to the "Best Orchestra" award and the same year in the Guča Festival he won the "The Best Trumpet of Dragačevo" and overall "Best Performance".The following year, the Bakija Bakić estate gave him the exclusive right to name his orchestra after his great-grandfather, and the Bakija Bakić Brass Orchestra went on to win the "Golden Apple Award" for the most authentic performance with the songs "Zemi me zemi" and "Ekremov Čoček". In 2009 in Guča, Ekrem was awarded "The Master of the Trumpet" title, along with the "Best Festival Orchestra".Honouring the traditions of his musical ancestry from Vranje and adding his own supreme musical gifts, Ekrem is the best possible new star to introduce Vranje music to the world.

This 14-track CD is their latest release and a stunning testament to Ekrem's mastery. Exclusive release, don't miss out this one.


Bakija Bakic Orchestra in Guca 2009
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